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Creation streams through ink charged nibs,

across woven sheets,

hovering atop pale lines

Why Buy A Pen?

Pens are easy to find. They lie on counter tops, inside pockets and handbags, tucked into car cubby holes and in man drawers. We pick them up in supermarkets and stationers or just borrow as we need. Mobile phones allow us to type our words into texts, posts, memes, blogs and even email but are they as meaningful, as weighty? 

Having your own pen lends weight to your words, the words you really want to write to someone else or for yourself. Pens come in all shapes, colours and nibs covering a myriad of uses like a child's grip on their first fountain pen, a gift for a loved one or simply your pen. The one you use to sign your name with a flourish on letters or contracts. 

Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote that "The pen is mightier than the sword" in 1839 indicating a pen is a more effective tool than direct violence. Today, they are considered education and communication tools as hand written missives like letters, cards, poems and notes have increased in popularity, especially in the United Kingdom.

Signing pens give an individual look and style to signatures and are often given as business and personal gifts. Fountain pen users can vary nib sizes and ink colours to lend more personality to their signatures making signing documents very personal. 

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